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Our activity encompasses the design of spaces, architecture and facilities, management and construction and the supply of equipment and systems, all focused on the world of restoration, managed from the knowledge of the processes and needs of each sector, be Central Kitchens, Food Industries, Restaurants, Hotels or Hospital Catering.

We advise and guide you by taking
entire care of your project
so that you can focus on significant aspects of your business.

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Hospitality and Healthcare Restoration

Euroline is a company with a strong specialization in this sector, in which we have executed many turnkey installations. This typology of kitchens works as a set where the design of the circuits and work spaces is as crucial as the choice of appropriate equipment for the planned productions and the design and calculation of efficient installations.

All of this can only be achieved from a deep knowledge of the processes, applied to the analysis of needs and design, the result being logical, balanced and rational. 

The productivity, quality and organoleptic structure of food and, of course, food safety, are assured.

The installations carried out confirm these results.

Restauracion Hospitalaria y Asistencial
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The diner experience is important. We bring a fresh vision to the development of these facilities.

Employees in the case of companies, schoolchildren, different groups, must taste and consume food in a comfortable , well-appointed and safe environment, which promotes those moments of daily relaxation, so necessary, without ignoring functionality and needs. of production and service of the professionals who serve them.


Productivity and control of results are the keys to success in any process of manufacturing and marketing food products and cooked dishes.

We have a huge range of equipment that, due to its robustness, production capacity, economy of consumption, reliability and degree of control of the product finish, will satisfy your quality and cost expectations, being the differentiating factor from those sold on the market.

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In the restaurant and hospitality sector, the resistance, efficiency and ease of maintenance of furniture and machinery is essential to obtain gastronomic and economic results.

At Euroline we have everything you need for your establishment, quality stainless furniture, a wide range of kitchens and cooking and washing equipment that adapt to your needs and the ability to carry out complementary installations objectively and efficiently.

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The design of the furniture that interacts with your customer is essential to enhance the attractiveness of the products and ultimately encourage increased business.

Euroline takes care of the design , takes care of the details and works on the efficiency of the furniture, achieving buffets and show-cookings that have a positive impact on the diner.

A solution for every need.

Soluciones especializadas

Our company is a specialist in providing answers to the most complex needs that may arise in your processes and facilities, proposing the most appropriate options.

Tell us your needs and, without obligation, from Euroline we will make the appropriate proposals to cover your needs.

Our main areas of specialization are:

    • Specialized washing areas.
    • Treatment and transportation of waste in kitchens.
    • Smoke extractions and air renewals.
    • Commercial and industrial cold.

Trust us: you will get efficient, functional and long-lasting solutions.


Design, Technology, Innovation


Energy efficiency


Process consulting, training


Extensive experience


Environmental sustainability


Solutions tailored to you

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Asesoramiento, Diseño y Ejecución de Cocinas Industriales y Espacios de Restauración