We are a company dedicated to the professional kitchen sector. Our activity ranges from consulting to the design of spaces, architectural and installation projects, turnkey construction and the supply of equipment and systems, all of this, managed from the knowledge of the processes and needs of each sector, be it Kitchens. Headquarters, Food Industries, Restaurants, Hotels or Hospital Catering.

We know that every kitchen works as a unit where the design of the circuits and work spaces is as crucial as the choice of appropriate equipment for the workloads along with the design and calculation of efficient installations.

Our mission is to combine technology and productivity, and this can only be carried out with a deep knowledge of the processes and premises to respect to guarantee quality and food safety.

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Euroline was founded in 1994 with the aim of being a benchmark within the professional kitchen sector.

The facilities executed by Euroline are easily distinguished by their CONCEPT, which is reflected in the Functional Design of the facilities and spaces and in the Quality of our equipment.

From the beginning, functional logic has permeated each and every one of our designs, being rigorous with the ergonomics of the furniture, the quality and technology of the work equipment, thus facilitating the daily operations of our clients as much as possible.

In 1999 Euroline carried out its first large comprehensive installation, the complete remodeling of the kitchen at the  Virgen de las Nieves Hospital in Granada.

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Después de ésta y entre otras muchas, Euroline ejecuta grandes instalaciones de cocinas profesionales como las del Centro Penitenciario Brians II que alberga una población de aproximadamente 1.500 reclusos y el Centro Penitenciario Els Lledoners,  con una población reclusa de aproximadamente 1025 internos.

Le siguen  instalaciones en importantes centros como las realizadas en el Parc de Recerca Biomédica de Barcelona (PRBB) y la Torre Agbar, e instalaciones de referencia en el sector sanitario realizadas bajo el sistema de Línea Fría como la nueva cocina del Hospital Joan XXIII de Tarragona, en el Nou Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau en Barcelona donde se ejecuta una instalación integral que abarca las cocinas y cafeterías del Hospital Alvaro Cunqueiro de Vigo y las instalaciones de la Nueva Cocina Central del Complejo Asistencial de Salamanca, puestas en funcionamiento en noviembre de 2020.

En el sector Hotelero, Euroline entra en el mercado internacional ejecutando las instalaciones de los hoteles de la cadena africana Mangalis, equipando los hoteles Noom Conakry, en Guinea Conakry,  Noom Niamey en Niger,  Seen Abidjan y  Noom Abidjan en Costa de Marfil, y superando el reto que implica ejecutar estas instalaciones en el continente Africano.

Why Euroline?



We act with integrity, openness and transparency, seeking to develop lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and our clients.


We act with Initiative, adopting a proactive attitude to provide solutions to the client quickly, to constantly seek better ways of performance and to build an increasingly stronger company.


We are committed to striving to obtain results through a job well done, fulfilling and keeping our promises.



Your needs are our needs.

We accompany you, internalizing your ideas and objectives.

At Euroline we do not want you to have worries when designing the project for your business. We offer you help at such an important time.


Since 1994, each of the diverse and complex projects executed on site has provided us with experiences that have enriched and formed our team of professionals, which encompasses all the areas likely to interact in each of the projects.


We improve ourselves every day through diverse and complex projects.

We propose advanced solutions in the field of design, equipment and facilities.

For us, less is more.

We are one of the leaders in the design and execution of professional kitchens for hospitals , the most demanding and rigorous sector in terms of Food Safety and Health Control.

This experience allows us to address any facility in the HORECA sector, whether restaurants, hotels, central kitchens or communities.


We are committed to the environment.

We will propose equipment and facilities that, due to their performance, guarantee the sustainability of your project.


The efficiency of facilities and equipment contributes to obtaining greater performance, significant economic savings and is the basis of our environmental policy.

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Asesoramiento, Diseño y Ejecución de Cocinas Industriales y Espacios de Restauración